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Ecuador Review was launched in January 2015 as an initiative of Ecuadorian citizen groups and civil society organizations. The aim was to disseminate critical information in English about the political, economic, social and human rights situation in Ecuador.

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We continue to believe that to build a true democracy in Ecuador, it is crucial to have a window to alternative news, even more so in an environment dominated by the information issued and controlled by the Ecuadorian Government. However, we are forced to close the fortnightly newsletter Ecuador Review due to lack of permanent financial resources to support the project.

During a year and a half online, Ecuador Review has published 34 editions. Through our digital newsletter, we have reached over 4,000 academics, politicians, journalists, human rights activists and representatives of international organizations in different latitudes of the globe.

To all our readers, we thank you for visiting our website. We also thank the allied sites Plan V, Focus Ecuador, Milhojas, LaHistoria, the columnist Roberto Aguilar and especially the journalist José Hernández, who contributed the lucidity of his analysis to each edition of Ecuador Review. Similarly, we thank the talented cartoonist Marcelo Chamorro for his caricatures.

This issue, No.34, will be the last, but our will to continue telling the world about the situation in Ecuador is still strong.

See you soon!

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