Quotes from the powerful


“The government has made a clean sweep of all institutional spaces and it has a machine that says no to any popular consultation”.

AUTHOR: Enrique Ayala Mora
DATE: 31/03/2015


“To Ecuador, the United States has absolutely nothing to teach about democracy, human rights or freedom of expression. We do have a few things to teach them”. 

AUTHOR: Ricardo Patiño
DATE: 26/03/2015


“They are nervous, scared and enraged”

AUTHOR: Mae Montaño
DATE: 24/03/2015


“The AFP agency has consciously lied and distorted the truth, making a light, decontextualized and tendentious interpretation; distorting the president’s statements”.

AUTHOR: Secretaría Nacional de Comunicación (Secom)
DATE: 23/03/2015


“The constitutional amendment is a possibility, not for elected officials to perpetuate themselves in office, but so that they can run in a new electoral process”.

AUTHOR: Juan Carlos Cassinelli
DATE: 23/03/2015


“For eight years they have done the opposite to what is now being advertised as an exemplary gesture, and they want to be applauded. We must not forget”.

AUTHOR: Felipe Burbano de Lara
DATE: 03/03/2015

The geniuses had slogans like ‘I’m free and I enjoy my sexuality’. According to that point of view my dog ​​Segismundo is also free because he enjoys his sexuality”.

AUTHOR: Rafael Correa
DATE: 28/02/2015

“As much as I would like to carry on, my family comes first and I do not want to expose them to this mafia. Well, this is the end, #UstedGanóMashiRafael”.

AUTHOR: Crudo Ecuador
DATE: 23/02/2015

 “The Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) is a bureaucracy with an agenda. It is a declining system based in Washington. The United States has not ratified the American Convention on Human Rights”. 

AUTHOR: Rafael Correa
DATE: 29/01/2015

 “There are 10,000 more of us, so we will respond and we will also identify this person

AUTHOR: Rafael Correa
DATE: 24/01/2015

 “They argue that money is being squandered, that we are broke, that we want to stay in power forever. You should know, dear young people, that we have the urge to educate those generations of Ecuadorians who will take over the leadership of the country”

AUTHOR: Rafael Correa
DATE: 15/01/2015






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