Ecuador’s president threatens anonymity on the web


On Saturday, January 24th, 2015, president Rafael Correa, threatened with revealing users identity of those who criticize him in the social networks, since they “abuse of the anonymity these networks provide them”, being part of what he established as “a battle for dignity in social networks”. This warning was issued during his Saturday weekly broadcast 408, from Loja province, 623km south of Quito.

According to the President, he expects to be informed by his web followers, of user’s identity who “insult him” and then reveal web users identity during his weekly broadcast “for people to know them and see if they keep being so brave to insult”.

With the creation of the web domain “Somos Más”, president Correa pretends to counter what he called “defamation campaigns” against his government, “through this webpage we will be organized to stand against infamy and lies in social networks”, he explained that through this webpage they will send “the account that is lying for it to receive 10 thousand twits from citizen revolution followers saying the truth…”.

In this weekly broadcast, Correa showed the picture and revealed three Twitter users identity: @Shamisantamaria, @Dannybarrabas84 and @tuiterovendido, the last one has 18 years old and wrote in his account “the secretary of the Law Faculty in Guayaquil’s University is the worst, where is your damn intervention @MashiRafael, Ecuador will change and @MashiRafael, thinks himself as fair and honest but steals more than telephone companies your credit”, to this user he demanded to prove his assumption, “he is accusing me of being a thief, he will have to prove that I steal, otherwise he is the corrupt one and if we have to resort to legal actions, we will”, warned Correa.


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