Comedy is sanctioned for being discriminatory and is definetly going off the air


On January 15th 2015, Information and Communication Superintendence (Supercom for its acronym in Spanish) sanctioned TV station “Telemazonas” and actor David Reinoso with the obligation of issuing a public apology, for broadcasting discriminatory messages and contents through the comic show “Vivos”, during its segment “El Malcriadito y Fusilero” broadcasted on June 15th, 2014. Extra officially it is known that after this occurred, the show will definitely go off the air.

The sanction was issued for going against article 62 of the Communication Law, referring to the prohibition of publishing discriminatory contents and answers to a claim filed by citizen Julio César Ayala on September 9th 2014, for presumable infractions to established deontological norms in article 10, number 1, section c, referred to human dignity; and articles 61 and 62 about regulation of contents, stipulated in this Law. Ayala made himself known through the TV show “En carne propia”, broadcasted by Canal Uno where he was interviewed and became a popular character for his phrase: “Love, understanding and tenderness”.

This sanction obliges the TV station to issue a public apology to the one who placed the complaint in the same TV show, with a 72 hours deadline from the notification delivery. Ayala assured to feel diminished by the comical sketch in the show, because according to him, during it many discriminatory aggressions regarding his health were made during it, characterizations and mocking aspects of his personality. Arguments that where accepted by the Council of Regulation and Development of Information and Communication (CORDICOM for its acronym in Spanish), that qualified the content of this sketch as discriminatory, in its report handed to the Supercom.

Supercom concluded that phrases, gesturing, movements and even the physical aspect of the people who are part of the segment “Malcriadito y Fusilero”, are mocking in a rude manner the claimer and his brother, who conducted their lives under effects of drugs and alcohol.

This new sanction imposed on “Teleamazonas” and to actor David Reinoso occurs months after Supercom imposed a fine of 5% of the TV station’s average billing on the last three months for the broadcasting of the show “La Pareja Feliz”, directed as well by actor David Reinoso, which went off the air to avoid more sanctions. The same will happen with the show Vivos. Actress Flor María Palomeque, who is a member of the show’s cast, said during an interview with Newspaper La Hora, that as well as with the show La Pareja Feliz, the TV station has decided to get off the air the show Vivos to avoid future sanctions. “It is not an order. Board members decided to make this decision to avoid more sanctions, that not only damaged the TV station, but also those of us who make comedy”, added the actress.


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